Essentials of Lean Six Sigma

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Master Black Belts serve as in-house coaches on Six Sigma and ensure consistent application of Six Sigma across various functions and departments. A CMMS can diffuse concerns maintenance personnel may have regarding the introduction of Lean and Six Sigma by helping them integrate these principles into their daily work. Fear of redundancy is common among employees when new processes, including Lean and Six Sigma, are introduced in a plant, i. This skepticism stems from poor application of the methodologies. There is a way to not only pitch Lean and Six Sigma to employees, but also help them integrate these principles into their daily work.

One of the best ways to get everyone in an organization to embrace a new process, be it Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma, is by simplifying its adoption. Regarding maintenance teams, to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure continued usage, a site should look to its CMMS system.

These systems can make it easy to track positive changes and provide the visibility to easily access, create, and share progress reports using the data.

Essentials of lean six sigma

By pairing Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma with a CMMS, organizations will start to see better time management, be empowered to plan for the future, and have a stronger workforce. For more information, email alexandra. Define : In the first step, DMAIC calls for defining, which includes the definition of the most essential maintenance and safety data to track. Once the vital parameters to track are defined, a clear path is set.

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Some CMMS providers will offer an implementation and consultation service to guide manufacturers in this process. Often, these consultants can advise which parameters will provide the most valuable feedback.

Concepts of Lean Six Sigma

CMMS platforms, especially with mobile functionality, make measuring simple for maintenance technicians and managers. There are a host of key parameters that can be measured, such as how often machines are maintained, how often they break down, and which machines are using up most of the budget. Once measured, this next step in the process kicks in. One of the industry standards to focus on analyzing is the OEE overall equipment effectiveness , which measures the health of your equipment and gauges maintenance strategy.

CMMS systems can identify data trends and deliver simple reports to show key outliers and areas for improvement. Analyze variables to determine if they are a good performance measurement. Describe three typical methods of improving supply chain functions. Identify three things you will need in order to lead a Lean Six Sigma project effectively.

Skill Level Intermediate. Show More Show Less. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Related Courses. Preview course. Six Sigma Foundations with Richard Chua. Learning Minitab with Richard Chua. Search This Course Clear Search. The continuous improvement culture 59s. Introducing Lean Six Sigma. Why Six Sigma?

Why Lean? Why Lean Six Sigma? Understanding Six Sigma. Define 3m 58s.

Essentials of Lean Six Sigma Salman Taghizadegan (BH, 2006)

Measure 3m 39s. Analyze 3m 35s. Improve 3m 37s. Control 3m 29s. Design for Six Sigma 3m 34s. Understanding Lean. Lean metrics 3m 31s. Five Ss 3m 24s.

Just in time 3m 28s. The knowledge gained from this Yellow Belt course will provide you with the essentials to support process improvement projects as part of a team.

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  • This course will offer information on reducing variation in your processes, the elimination of waste from your processes, statistical process control, and pull and just-in-time processes. You will also be taught about measurement of process capability, mistake proofing, the cost of poor quality, and data driven decision-making.

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    The course also covers understanding the voice of the customer, following the value stream, Kaizen and continuous improvement, DMAIC, 5S, visual management, standardized work, root cause analysis, SMED rapid change over , process mapping, and takt time and cycle time. At the end of the course, there is a multiple-choice examination to check your understanding and a Yellow Belt certificate is issued to all who successfully complete the course.

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