Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood

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There is always hope in the Gospel, and we can have courage only if our foundation rests on This book is a clear, comprehensive, and difficult look on one of the most wicked institutions of our country. There is always hope in the Gospel, and we can have courage only if our foundation rests on God's word. Grant's style of writing is engaging and comprehensive. He utilizes repetitive forms to help readers understand and engage with his writing.

He is also very thorough with his research and has a clear understanding of the topic at hand. Ultimately, I think everyone should get their hands on a copy of this book. It's a hard read, but well worth it. Jun 01, Anthony Bass rated it it was amazing. It was insightful, engaging, and powerful. Sep 30, Georgia rated it it was amazing. An eye opener for those wondering about who started the popular and accepted organization Planned Parent Hood. It gives detail into the founder, Margret Sanger pathetic and sad life as she chose and longed to find fulfillment in living selfishly and a life to the god of self pleasure with out the consequences of sin.

Grant shared the horrors of how Planned Parenthood has slowly over the last years gaining footing in our cities and now gone international.

There are quiet a few stories tha An eye opener for those wondering about who started the popular and accepted organization Planned Parent Hood. There are quiet a few stories that share how tactful PPH uses deception and lies to achieve their goal of killing off the poor, blacks and other ethnic groups. The founder Mrs. Sanger has far surpasses of death of the abominable genocide the Nazis set out to accomplished.

Dec 26, Marissa rated it really liked it. The edition I read I don't remember which one it was , had the same error over and over again: it said "night" instead of "right". I really liked this book, though; it informed me and Mr. Grant writes well. Though he is probably a Catholic, and I have always thought them rather wrong about things when it came to Christianity, he upholds the Bible in the most right way. I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted to know the truth. Michaelpatrick Keena rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Dawna Raehpour rated it liked it Nov 07, Liam Mcpherson rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Aurora Grace rated it did not like it Mar 18, Jeremy Walter rated it really liked it Jan 16, John rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Peyton rated it it was amazing Feb 19, J Breed rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Adam Ross rated it it was ok Jan 16, Humanism cannot work because humanism ignores the essence of reality Ephesians It is fraught with fantasy Colossians Only the Bible faces reality squarely, practically, completely, and honestly Deuteronomy Thus, only the Bible can provide genuine solutions to the problems that plague mankind Psalm Jesus was forever reminding His disciples of these facts.

He made it clear to them that the Bible was to be their ultimate standard — for life and godliness, for faith and practice, and for profession and confession: It is. But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one stroke of a letter of the Law to fail Luke Whoever then annuls one of the least of these Commandments, and so teaches others, shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven Matthew They are upheld forever and ever; they are performed in truth and uprightness Psalm All men know this.

Even the diligent and studied humanists in Planned Parenthood know this.

Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood

They must actively restrain or suppress this Ti-uth in order to carry on with their novelties Remans Though they know what is right, they deliberately debase themselves with futile thinking, foolish passions, and filthy behavior Remans , Though they know the Ordinances of Life, they consciously choose the precepts of death Remans And then they. So, despite their desperate ravings to the contrary, the only way that we will be able to develop compassionate solutions to the tough dilemmas of crisis pregnancies, poor maternal health, overextended family resources, teen promiscuity, and venereal diseases is if we submit ourselves to the eternal, established, and effectual Word of Ti-uth Psalm The only way we will be able to develop genuine and dynamic alternatives to the humanistic programs of Planned Parenthood is if we yield ourselves to the solitary, supreme, and sufficient Word of Life Proverbs Throughout this book, as we survey the landscape Planned Parenthood has laid waste, this will ever be before us.

The Cure Applied In the first two chapters we will look at Planned Parenthood — both the generic movement and the institutional association — in very general terms. We will basically be getting a lay of the land. Concepts and controversies introduced in these chapters will be dealt with in much greater detail later in the book. In Chapter 4 we will look into the medical practices of Planned Parenthood. Just how safe are these practices? In Chapter 5 we will examine the very controversial subject of prejudice and discrimination.

Is Planned Parenthood a racist movement? Just what does sex education actually accomplish? How effective is it in combating teen pregnancy, runaway promiscuity, venereal diseases, and interpersonal irresponsibility? In Chapter 7 we will closely examine the finances of Planned Parenthood. Where do the funds to run this massive coast-tocoast, international, cross-cultural phenomenon come from?

And how are they spent? In Chapter 9 the media will be our concern.

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How does the established media deal with Planned Parenthood? And why? In Chapter 10 the extensive international agenda of Planned Parenthood will be traced. In Chapter 11 we will turn our attention to the church. With Chapter 12 we will begin to look at specific strategies to deal with the problems raised by Planned Parenthood. First, we will determine what we must be in order to confront evil. Then in Chapter 13, we will determine what we must do in order to confront evil.

In Chapter 14, we will look at some positive, constructive alternatives to the Planned Parenthood juggernaut. In Chapter 15, the vignette from the opening of the book is framed and resolved.

Grand Illusions - The Legacy of Planned Parenthood

The book closes with some appended resources to enable faithful Christians to make a practical difference in their farniIies, in their communities, and in their world. In ancient Alexandria, a school of literary interpretation was developed that analyzed texts on three different levels simultaneously: the physical or literal level, the intellectual or philosophical level, and the spiritual or allegorical level.

This book was written to conform to that Alexandria model. Thus it operates. So, for instance, the various afliliate statistics, personal stories, and historical overviews are to be taken quite literally. The sociological analysis, the Biblical theology, and the institutional suppositions are to be understood philosophically. And the literary allusions, Spielbergian feints, and Latin puzzles are allegorical indicators. Ad Maiorem Dei Cloriam. B Hilaire Belloc.

I heard him coming. Stumbling over the piles of rubbish, refuse, and overgrowth that littered the alley, his stealth was extremely questionable. Nor was his destination. He was headed right for me. I looked up, peering between the cracks of broken boards.

The dilapidated fence gave me momentary vantage and advantage. And I saw him. He was a perfect picture of spit and polish. The gleam of chrome and polished leather threw flitting reflections of sunlight on the ground, shattered triangles of morning brightness skipping across the discarded baubles and forgotten fascinations that composed the heaps of garbage between him and me. Hey you! And I was frozen in indecision.

Get out of there. Clambering over the edge of the wretched and rusted bin, I hoisted a bulky sack to my shoulder and skirted around the fence. Right where you are. As best I could, I began to run, my indecision washed away in a tidal wave of adrenalin. I said stop. He swore again. And again. And then he opened fire. Just as I reached the end of the alley and rounded the corner, he shattered the Saturday morning stillness with a furious report. I was panic stricken. I ran harder and faster.

But he was gaining on me anyway. In desperation I threw myself toward the street, still clutching my precious sackload. Another shot erupted overhead. And another. I ran. I prayed. I made for the parking lot ahead.

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Ducking past a retainer wall and stumbling over a guardrail, I burst into a small crowd of men, women, and children pacing back and forth along a thirty-foot stretch of sidewalk between the lot and the street. My friends. Gawking, uncomprehending, they just stood there.

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Breathless and terrified, I lunged toward a car. I need the keys. Honking wildly and screaming madly, I finally snapped their spell of astonishment, and several men sprang into action. One tossed me the keys.

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