Intercultural Interaction: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication

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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Written in a highly accessible style and in four parts, this book provides rapid and authoritative access to current ideas and practice in intercultural communication.

Intercultural Interaction: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication

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Confront Disadvantage and Domination in Intercultural Interaction -- 7. Adapting to Unfamiliar Cultures -- Part 2. Promoting Competence in Intercultural Interaction -- 8. Assessing Competence in Intercultural Interaction -- 9.

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Along with these attributes, verbal communication is also accompanied with non-verbal cues. These cues make the message clearer and give the listener an indication of what way the information should be received. In terms of intercultural communication there are language barriers which are effected by verbal forms of communication.

In this instance there is opportunity for miscommunication between two or more parties. Due to different cultures there are different meaning in vocabulary chosen, this allows for a message between the sender and receiver to be misconstrued. Nonverbal communication is behavior that communicates without words—though it often may be accompanied by words.

Minor variations in body language, speech rhythms, and punctuality often cause differing interpretations of the situation among cross-cultural parties. Kinesic behavior is communication through body movement—e. The meaning of such behavior varies across countries.

Intercultural Interaction by Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin | Waterstones

Clothing and the way people dress is used as a form of nonverbal communication. Object language or material culture refers to how people communicate through material artifacts—e. In monochronic cultures, time is experienced linearly and as something to be spent, saved, made up, or wasted. Time orders life, and people tend to concentrate on one thing at a time. In polychronic cultures, people tolerate many things happening simultaneously and emphasize involvement with people.

In these cultures, people may be highly distractible, focus on several things at once, and change plans often. Occulesics are a form of kinesics that includes eye contact and the use of the eyes to convey messages. Proxemics concern the influence of proximity and space on communication e. For example, space communicates power in the US and Germany.

Paralanguage refers to how something is said, rather than the content of what is said—e. This is where nonverbal communication can cause problems with intercultural communication. Misunderstandings with nonverbal communication can lead to miscommunication and insults with cultural differences.

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