Supermarine Spitfire

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During the war years though, Britain managed to build almost 20, of these incredibly versatile aircraft, in 24 different variants.

The most powerful version, the Spitfire Mk VB, boasted a pair of 20mm cannons and four. Which represented a staggering amount of firepower at the time. During this epic struggle, the Germans launched near-daily bombing raids against England, most of which specifically targeted the Royal Air Force.

A typical strategy at the time required the far more numerous but less capable Hawker Hurricane fighters to scramble and intercept the heavy bombers. The remaining stock of more powerful Spitfires focused solely on destroying the enemy fighters escorting the bombers.

Supermarine Spitfire

Still, the Spitfires won. The dreadful battle cost the lives of hundreds of Spitfire crews, but when the smoke settled, the German war machine had suffered its first ever battlefield defeat. While the war slogged on for another four years, there was no doubt that it had reached a turning point, mostly thanks to the Spitfires and their courageous pilots.

The liquid-cooled V12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine is a legend. Forced landing at White Waltham.

Flying the Spitfire in Oshkosh! Spitfire Mk. IX Helmet Cam

Pilot Plt Of Noel le C. Agazarian, Sept.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX

One He destroyed. One Bf destroyed. Two Do 'probables'. Over Bournemouth at approx.

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North of Warmwell. Hit in glycol tank by He He11 claimed 'damaged'. Returned to base. Hit by cannon fire by a Bf , one Me destroyed.

Supermarine Spitfire – Savior of Britain

Coded ZT-, Jan. January - May aircraft assigned to and flown by Lt.

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Coded UU-, June 21, Flying accident. Repaired on site, Apr. Flying accident, Sept. Show more. Object associations Associated people and organisations.