The Wager: A Humorous Novel about Dog Parks, Seniors, and Gambling for Lover Later in Life.

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Auditors go where the money is. But the more you have to gain from a move away from a high-tax state, the more careful you should be about making that move, tax experts say. Many people mistakenly believe they need only spend days of each year outside their former state to win a residency audit, Klein says.

But if you spend more days in the high-tax state than you do elsewhere, you could still be considered a resident. Klein advises his clients to spend at least twice as much time in their new home state as in their old one. Auditors look at a wide range of factors for evidence of where your true home lies. Are you still seeing doctors and dentists in your old location?

Does your family celebrate holidays there? Where do you keep your most treasured items — your photo albums, family heirlooms, pets? Creating a substantial paper trail can be key to winning your case. You also should change vehicle registrations, update the address where you receive bank statements, bills and other mail and revise your estate-planning documents to reflect the laws of your new state. People under residency audits typically need to prove where they were each day of the year in question, Klein says.

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Cell phone records — which can show where you were with each text or call — can be used by taxpayers to prove their case but also can be subpoenaed by the tax agency. Other potentially rich and subpoenable data sources include travel records, credit card receipts and toll collection devices, such as E-Z Pass. You may need to maintain records indefinitely. Edmunds: Best used vehicles for college drivers September 07, Many college-bound students, whether it be a freshman leaving home for the first time or a grad student needing more reliable transportation, require the purchase of a vehicle.

To help out, Edmunds has identified five common requirements for college drivers and recommended a slightly used vehicle for each.

The Wager: A Humorous Novel about Dog Parks, Seniors, and Gambling for Lover Later in Life.

All of the recommended vehicles have top expert and consumer review scores on Edmunds. We also took fuel economy, value, safety and ease of parking into consideration. The prices shown are the average prices paid at a franchised car dealership in the second quarter of Its efficient hybrid powertrain consistently gets more than 50 mpg regardless of your type of driving.

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The Prius kicked off the current-generation model. Compared to older versions, it benefits from sharper handling, higher fuel economy and greater comfort. Indeed, you might be surprised by how the Prius serves as an agreeable companion for long drives.

The Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper

Toyota also offered advanced driver safety aids this year; look for a Prius Three Touring, Four or Four Touring to get them. The Mazda 3 is a smart pick for a fun, small car. Either one of two available four-cylinder engines provides quick acceleration.

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Pick the 3s model, which has the larger 2. Other advantages include an available sedan or hatchback body style and many premium features, including optional advanced driver safety aids, on the top Touring and Grand Touring trim levels. Why do laundry at school when you can drive home on a weekend and have your mom or dad do it for you instead? Most Golf models are also respectably equipped with modern features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration.

Advanced driver safety aids were available as part of an optional package on the SE and SEL trim levels. The Edge is bigger and roomier than many other common crossover SUVs. Also, look for the heated front seats; they were optional on the SEL trim level and standard on the Titanium trim level. Ford also offered an optional heated steering wheel and all-weather floor mats. The Acura RDX is an ideal pick for a used vehicle at a slightly higher price. It combines many qualities of the other vehicles, including sporty performance, a roomy interior and available all-wheel drive.

We also recommend the RDX as a vehicle that you can keep for years to come. Edmunds says: Picking the best slightly used vehicle for your college driving needs will enhance the experience and save you money at the same time. College students, make the most of your summer earnings September 07, What you do with your paychecks in college can affect your financial life long after you toss your graduation cap.

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Of course, you need to take care of Present You, too. And give yourself a high-five for making money in the first place. If you have money left over or come into extra cash — thanks for the birthday check, Grandma! Stash some of your earnings in a high-yield savings account that should be tapped only to cover unexpected expenses, like a car repair.

Pay some of your extra earnings toward high-interest debts, like those that may come from credit cards or personal loans. These savings will be useful after college. Other expenses may include a car and a professional wardrobe. To get a sense of how much to save, Lowry recommends researching the cost of living wherever you plan to live. Saving is important, but so is living life. So Ballou suggests using this time and some of your earnings to travel. Certified financial planner Marguerita Cheng recommends using or saving up extra earnings for experiences, rather than things.

Reruns consignment shop holds grand opening in Luzerne September 03, With a snip of the scissors Luzerne Mayor James Keller cut an orange ribbon Saturday morning and officially opened Reruns, a new consignment shop at 74 Main St. Another advantage Brenner sees is that Main Street, Luzerne, already has several consignment shops, and she believes shoppers will take advantage of the proximity to visit them all.

Adding credence to her belief that consignment shop owners support each other, owner Karen Brown from the nearby shop My Sisters Closet visited later Saturday to wish Brenner well. You have a great shop. Items on sale at Reruns on Saturday included clothes for women and men, boys and girls. Early visitors who stopped in to check out the store were fascinated by the formal gowns and cocktail dresses, and started talking about them the way shoppers do:.

By the time a reporter left, the green dress was still on the hanger. But who knows how long it will remain?

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Brenner, who works full-time as a Realtor and is also an attorney, said she intends to hire someone to manage the day-to-day operations of her store. She also plans to split the profits on each item with the consignee who brings it to her to sell. Besides a bargain, she said, you never know what kind of hard-to-find gem you might find in a consignment shop. How could I not buy it? As the policy-making body of the association, the ABA House of Delegates has the ultimate responsibility for establishing association policy on professional and public issues.

Following a rigorous screening process, lawyers are elected to fellowship for outstanding legal ability, experience and high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the practice of real estate law. A past assistant district attorney for Luzerne County, Schwager is chair of the Kingston Borough Zoning Hearing Board and an assistant Luzerne County solicitor and has represented various municipal authorities and municipalities.

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Schwager serves as president of the S. Your digital assets are a different story. Conversely, some stuff you may prefer to shut down or keep private — emails and texts, social media accounts, dating app profiles — could be shared or hacked unless you take steps to secure the information. Estate planning experts recommend creating an inventory of your online accounts and digital files, along with your login ID, passwords, the answers to any security questions and what type of two-factor authentication, if any, is in use.

Start with a list of your devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers — and their passwords, along with passwords to any important apps such as that code generator. Then inventory the other electronic records you use, own or control. Here are some categories to consider, along with some examples to jog your memory:. One workaround is to set up a family account that allows you to share your digital bounty now and after you die.

Project Gutenberg ebook: TOASTER'S HANDBOOK.

Many airlines, for example, will transfer frequent flyer miles to the appropriate heirs, says Karin Prangley , senior vice president at financial services firm Brown Brothers Harriman in Chicago. Some companies, including Google and Facebook, allow you to designate someone to handle your account when you die.

Others simply close or deactivate accounts when they learn of a death. Once you decide what you want to happen with each type of account or digital asset, write down your wishes. You can leave these instructions and the relevant login credentials in a letter, stored with your other estate planning documents, which can be given to the person you want to carry out those wishes: your digital executor. Your digital executor could be the same trusted person who settles the rest of your estate, or you might want to choose someone who is more tech-savvy. Stick it! Stay on him! God damn it! In fact, by the time I departed several hours later, none of the old men sitting around when I arrived had moved except to freshen a drink or place a bet.

They sat and talked and smoked and yelled, but while I watched the dogs they mostly watched TV. You cheer not for a dog but your dog; your pari-mutuel ticket is the spring from which your passion flows. Your thoughts have nowhere to land but on the money-pulsing wires beneath your feet.

I wanted to get closer, find some other, less expensive outlet for my attentions.


I paid my tab, went downstairs, and followed a long fluorescent hallway through a pair of glass doors and out into the afternoon. Outside, right up by the track and away from the machines that take your bet, the greyhounds are a blur of legs and numbers that bypass your visual cortex for other, more savage receptors.

Down there, I could easily see how the whole thing had started. There is a lot of listless adrenaline in our lives, resting like dew on grass, waiting to be kicked up by these lean, sprinting hounds. The experience is one of life-and-death stuff, pure predatory instinct. I felt some envy for that single-minded longing. But this sense of it, this rough justice, is a fantasy. High-octane but no less bullshit for it. The impulse to anthropomorphize dogs is strong. But that is a leap predicated on a lot of assumptions: that greyhounds understand what competition is, that they can conceive of winning or losing, that they prefer the former.